Game Review – Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is an exhilarating action-choice game with many different results and different scenarios. The plot of the game follows three different stories each following three different characters. The game is set in the futuristic world where androids, robots who look, talk and act human are created and are able to do different things that humans can also do. 

We are first introduced to Connor. He is the android sent by Cyberlife. Connor was designed to investigate and deal with deviant androids. Deviant androids are androids that have deviated from their programming and programmed behavior. Then we meet Kara. Kara is a household android who is to take care of her buyer’s daughter, Alice. Her story goes through many troubles to keep her and Alice safe after she escapes Alice’s father, Todd’s, grasp. And then, we are finally introduced to Markus. He is a caretaker of Carl Manfred, a famous painter. But after a certain set of events, he must learn to survive himself and help the android race.

I had been wanting to play Detroit: Become Human for a while now, after watching many play-throughs on YouTube. Then I finally got it and I played it for the first time. I was so excited and my excitement never faded throughout playing the game. There are so many choices you can make in Detroit: Become Human and so many endings you can get from the choices you make. All the choices you make in the game can have an impact in the future of the game. I personally got an ending I didn’t exactly want but that’s what makes it fun. You get to play the game over and over and make different choices and different results.

I have seen some haters of the game, but I think they aren’t seeing the bigger picture. I will say that it is a bit unrealistic in some parts. For example, changing people’s opinions about a huge issue in the world in just three days is unrealistic and improbable. But some say that Kara’s story is completely useless and can be taken out of the game completely; but I disagree. Kara’s story is important because it is a perspective of an android who doesn’t exactly play a huge role like Conner and is a leader like Markus. Kara just wants to survive like other normal deviant androids. So we get to play and see through the perspective of a normal deviant android and what can happen to them. 

This game does have very mature language and some mature scenes so just keep that in mind if you ever want to play this game. I’m only currently on my second play-through of the game and am hoping to get a better ending this time around and will probably play it over and over again until I complete the story entirely. I don’t play games very often, other than Lego games and Kingdom Hearts, but I really enjoy this game and love playing it. 

-Nicole R.

Game Review: The Fabled Woods

The Fabled Woods made by CyberPunch studios is a mystery thriller that takes place in the mysterious woods. The short story follows a man walking through the woods, as he uncovers the dark secrets of his family’s camping trips that they used to take. With beautiful graphics and scenery, smooth gameplay, and twists around every corner, The Fabled Woods is a great game for any mystery-loving gamer.

The graphics of The Fabled Woods were extremely nice, and they gave the game a calming and peaceful look. The player wakes up in the middle of the woods at sunrise, walking around trees and bushes as birds sing. The sounds of the game were also very natural, and they were very realistic. If The Fabled Woods was available on VR, I would truly believe that I was in the woods. 

I really like the gameplay of The Fabled Woods. The game itself was not too confusing and was very easy to learn. If you want the best experience playing this game, you will need a good PC to run the max graphics smoothly. There were some confusing sections of the game, mainly when I did not know where to go. I did have to look up guides on the internet to figure out where to go.

Don’t let the peaceful look and gameplay of The Fabled Woods fool you, there is a dark underlying theme in the game. The player realizes that the character they are playing as is actually a psychopath. The man is a crazy murderer that ended up killing his entire family in the woods. Players uncover the truth through a game mechanic called “remembering.” This mechanic lets the players enter a stasis that allows them to see the past, giving players hints on where to go throughout the forest.

The Fabled Woods is a great mystery short story that has beautiful graphics and a great story. There were only a couple of problems I had with the game. First of all, the game was somewhat boring. Yes, the twists at the end made the gameplay were exciting, but most of the game was walking. 90% of the game is players walking around looking at things in the forest. I wish there was more stuff to do in the game. The other problem I had was the system requirements in order to play The Fabled Woods.  As I said earlier, the required PC specs are high in order for the game to run well.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. If you want a couple of hours of entertaining mystery gameplay, The Fabled Woods is the game for you. My final rating for the game would be a solid 7/10.

-Daniel CW.